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What Do You Need?

Why strategic marketing?

Strategic marketing aligns marketing activities with overall organizational objectives. It applies strategic thinking to the process of identifying, securing, serving and sustaining relationships with customers. It makes everyone in the organization, not just the sales and marketing staff, accountable for understanding and meeting customer needs.

What do we mean by strategic thinking?

  • You focus on what’s important for success tomorrow, not just what’s urgent today.
  • You envision where you want to go before you plunge ahead.
  • You view your organization as a whole and the individual people
    and parts within it as interdependent.
  • You dig deep to uncover emerging needs before you develop products and services to meet them.
  • You seek solutions that benefit not only your organization, your investors and your employees but also your customers and the communities where you operate.

When you are thinking strategically, you embrace change. You take the lead. You inspire others to follow. You dare to make a difference.

Are you a strategic or tactical thinker? Test yourself to find out: Strategic thinking quiz



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