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You may know about the "4 Ps" of marketing: product, place, price and promotion.

At Burgess Strategic Marketing Services, we use a different "4 Ps" to describe what we do: PREPARE, PLAN, PERFORM and PEOPLE.

  • We PREPARE the client for the planning process by assessing the internal and external environment in which the client organization operates. (This often involves market research and/or an audit of the client’s existing marketing communications.)
  • With the client’s senior management, we develop a strategic marketing PLAN that defines the organization’s values and objectives; positions the organization to meet those objectives; and outlines a strategy and integrated set of tactics for building relationships and generating new business with key target audiences.
  • We PERFORM follow-up consulting and project coordination, as needed, to ensure effective execution of the marketing plan and to evaluate results. (This usually involves the development and delivery of clear, consistent marketing messages in traditional and new media.)
  • Everything we do is accomplished through and for PEOPLE – our client’s personnel, our client’s customers and other stakeholders, as well as ourselves and our associates.


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