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About your return on investment

Measuring results

When you become a client of Burgess Strategic Marketing Services, we mutually agree on the objectives and expected outcomes, the work to be done, the timetable for each assignment, the fees charged for our services and the means of measuring results.

Strategic planning can accelerate your success. However, carrying out a strategic plan often involves transforming the corporate culture of an organization or embedding new processes that staff will need to learn and practice before performance can improve. This rarely happens overnight, especially for larger organizations.

Burgess Strategic Marketing Services can conduct customer research and communication audits before and after you implement new marketing strategies so that you can document results.


What’s your return on investment?

What return on investment can you expect from working with Burgess Strategic Marketing Services?

  • Make sure everyone in your organization knows where your company is headed and has a role in getting there.
  • Gain new customers, and increase customer retention.
  • Identify markets where there is opportunity to grow your business.
  • Discover what makes your company unique in the eyes of your customers, and use that knowledge to earn more money and to gain competitive advantage.
  • Reduce the unknowns so that you can make executive decisions with greater confidence.
  • Avoid wasting money on seat-of-the-pants marketing decisions.
  • Increase the impact of your marketing communications.
  • Build your company’s reputation; increase your visibility in the marketplace, and gain the goodwill of the communities where you do business.
  • Attract and inspire well-qualified employees committed to achieving your corporate vision.
  • Draw community support for fulfilling your organization’s mission.


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